“Heather’s approach to explorative movement allows each participant to increase awareness of present physiological patterning and how it may have served and burdened the organism over-time. With heightened awareness, participants are able to take an inventory of rigid mental, physical, and emotional conditioned responses, all the while, being supported and assisted with discovering tailored functional and adaptive responses. Heather’s classes have been an integral adjunct to talk-therapy, as I have been able to address physical blockages along with emotional content for full-integration and healing.”        Jazmin Williams, LMSW


“Being caring, intellectual, curious, silly, informed, questioning, subversive, countercultural, and delicately empowering you is all in a day’s work for Heather. There isn’t a student or mentee of hers that does not go unchanged for the better after she has provided you with the space to speak, share, crumble, and then make choices and grow from them. She is subtle in how she offers and provides you with a foundational support, because within that is an abundance of freedom for you to explore who you are to truly become as a person, artist, dance maker, and educator.”     Clara Martinez, Dance Educator and Choreographer