Stop Shoulding

I would like to remove “should” from our vocabulary. There are so many better ways to make a point, suggest improvement, make an observation than “should.” Whenever “should” appears in a conversation, my guard tends to go up. Not all the time and not with everyone- but with many people, and always with specific people. … More Stop Shoulding

The Water

A few weeks ago, a friend was describing a teaching residency themed about water dances in which she and a collaborator worked with three classes. Two of the three classes flowed through the project and the curriculum as planned. The third class resisted, wanting to return repeatedly to their personal (and social) definitions of dance … More The Water


I am nearly 9 months into my career leap. Here’s what I am noticing: 1. Vision is sometimes clearer from a distance. My leap was prompted by the desire to: do meaningful work full-time, in environments which recognize and embrace the need I seek to fill; moving to improve the quality of one’s life. strip … More Mid-Leap

My Narrative Body

Our bodies hold our stories and in those stories are great clues to how we perceive our identities and our perspectives. The narrative my body holds spans a vast plain of roles and circumstances including my movement signatures, my emotional responses, embodied values, and histories of action. My movement tends to be smooth, forceful, and … More My Narrative Body