Mad at Dance

For the last few years, I have been mad at dance. Recently, though, I used a different phrase. I was finally able to articulate that I am not really mad at dance. I am mad at the consumption of dance. For me, dance speaks to the human condition. It is a process by which we … More Mad at Dance

Movement Connects

This week, I co-led MAEIA Re-Ignite!- a day-long Professional Learning event for the Michigan Arts Education and Instruction project (MAEIA). We used Simon Sinek‘s The Golden Circle as a lens to reconnect with ourselves, each other, and the arts-education community at large. Representatives from individual schools, school districts, local and state arts organizations, the Michigan … More Movement Connects

Action Items

I always feel better when I have a list of steps to complete. It is how I know my goals aren’t just wishes. This year is about branding and launching for me. Putting my work into tangible means to share with others and extend my reach in new directions and deeper folds. It has already … More Action Items

What are you making?

This weekend I had the luxury of conversation with a wide range of women. The organization I work for was celebrating our 40th anniversary. Some of the conversations happened verbally, some through movement, more through observation as the event was blocks away from the Women’s March in my state capitol. In one of the pieces … More What are you making?

The Truest Thing

I am humbled to have been a guest on Jenna Zaffino’s podcast, Pilates Unfiltered. Jenna is a force in the world and I am lucky to know her. She is inspiring because she does good work but more so because she MAKES THINGS HAPPEN. Here is the link to Jenna’s website, specifically to the Pilates … More The Truest Thing