My contributions to Dance Advantage, writing about K-12 Dance Education.

June 2011 Fall Planning with Philosophy and TV Dance in Mind

July 2011 Boosting Test Scores Through Movement

August 2011 Smooth Start:  Letting Dancers Know What to Expect

September 2011 You Must Love Dance to Stick to It: Talking About College Dance

October 2011 The Costume “Black-out” Keeps Choreography Center Stage

November 2011 Creative Process: 10 Ideas for Moving Beyond the Steps

December 2011  History Moves: Using the Creative Process to Explore Dance History

February 2012  Careers to Consider: Teaching Americans to Love Dance in K-12

March 2012  The Power of Performance to Win Friends and Influence People

April 2012 “Black and White” to Black and White: Dance History and the Music Video

May 2012  Outside the Bubble: Encouraging Students To Develop Their Own Dance Community

June 2012 FAQ: Why Don’t You Play Music with Lyrics?

June 2012 Hitting the Books: Two Valuable Reads from Oxford University Press

July 2012 Why Dance Matters: Survival of the Fittest

August 2012 Warming Up to Engage: Three Options to Get Your Dancers Moving

September 2012 Dancer Speak: Rethinking How We Talk about Dance

October 2012  From Questioning to Concert: Making Concert Dance Work

November 2012 Acknowledging the Person Before the Dancer

January 2013 Personal Observation In and Out of the Studio

February 2013 Happy Slips: Using Competition to Internalize Good Habits?

March 2013 Managing the Middle School “Shut Down”

April 2013 Let’s Talk Arts-Integration: Defining What You Do

May 2013 Measuring Success: Data Driven Dance

June 2013 Revamp and Revise Using Evaluation Results

July 2013 Your Words and Shaping Healthy Dancers

August 2013 Class Dress Code: Function Over Fashion


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