Self-made Armor

To get out of a funk, I sweat or I create. To face the unknown, I armor up. Passion as protection One passion is handknits. In the crafting, I process my circumstances and my responses to whatever is happening in life. It becomes a safe space to pour my worries and aspirations. The product, is … More Self-made Armor

A Life of Quality

In both of my fields- movement design and arts education- I have taught at length about “quality of life”. The truth is, though, I am really asking my clients and students to engage in a life of quality. It means living in presence and making choices which support our over-arching values. It means celebrating the … More A Life of Quality

The Power of Groups

When we work in community (group classes, community environments,…) change happens on a larger scale. This sense of community cannot simply be more bodies in space. It means more bodies, with minds and intentions directed toward a shared experience, even if people do not interact with each other. It is a guided tour of what … More The Power of Groups

From 50,000 feet

A few weeks ago a colleague kept using the phrase “from 50,000 feet”. Every time he said it, I nodded but over days and weeks I have really been HEARING it and trying to PRACTICE it. What does that mean? It means pulling back. Observing from a distance, letting be, and setting aside. It doesn’t … More From 50,000 feet

Mad at Dance

For the last few years, I have been mad at dance. Recently, though, I used a different phrase. I was finally able to articulate that I am not really mad at dance. I am mad at the consumption of dance. For me, dance speaks to the human condition. It is a process by which we … More Mad at Dance